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The Peoples Tiny House Festival is back in Loveland

Big Standards Panel


Mike Schmidt (Moderator)

Chairman/CEO of Ensemble Ventures, LLC

Ensemble is a 20+ year business development company located in Colorado Springs, CO.  He is also the Co-founder and General Manager of Veterans Support Solutions, L3c, (a Veteran Transition Services provider and developer of VSS Veteran Villages). He was also the first Business Development Director of the Tiny Home Industry Association, (from 2016-2019). 

Mr. Schmidt is a strategic business development and tactical marketing and sales professional/ entrepreneur with integrated skills in both technology and marketing/sales disciplines. He has thirty-plus years of international start-up company experience and management-level consulting engagements with many clients, large and small.  Technical Skills include; new product design, development, project planning, software definition and creation, and product engineering prototype work, manufacturing support, and logistics.  Marketing/sales skills encompass; advertising, promotion, public relations, trade show coordination, publications design, direct mail campaigns, seminars, customer training, technical support, sales management, sales training, and account management. Mr. Schmidt’s Management experience includes; management of company profit centers, project teams, forecasting, budgeting, and start-up of companies in the US, UK, and Asia. Mr. Schmidt is comfortable with new start-up companies and product/service offerings. Have traveled extensively both domestically and internationally in the USA, Canada, Central and Latin America, UK, (Wales, Ireland, Scotland), Europe, Central and Latin America, Asia, and South Africa.

John Kernohan

Chairman at United Tiny House Association, and Georgia Tiny House Festival

After spending his adult life creating, developing and having patented at-home medical specimen collection mechanisms and immunoassays, John retired at the age of 49 when he realized, while lying in a hospital bed and being diagnosed with a life-altering ill-health condition, that his life-long quest of accumulating wealth was not a life of living. 

He made the decision to sell his medical research laboratory, to reclaim his health (he lost over 80 pounds and shed 10″ off his waist); then, began a quest of learning what it really meant to be truly happy. John’s then girl-friend, now-wife and business partner, Fin, convinced John he needed to leave South Florida and move to the woods of Georgia where she observed he enjoyed spending his time. Additionally, Fin convinced John he should build a home in the woods with his own hands and together they built a 304sqft off-grid, tiny house, known as Beloved Cabin, where they have live for the past 6+ years.

In the Fall of 2015 and after the coaxing of Fin, John founded the Georgia Tiny House Association, since re-named the United Tiny House Association. In March 2016, they held their first event, the 2016 Georgia Tiny House Festival and since then, they along with their Board, have organized 7 Tiny House Festivals in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Tennessee… including the World’s three largest tiny house events; the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival, the 2017 Florida Tiny House Festival and the 2018 Georgia Tiny House Festival. Their for-charity Tiny House Festivals have gained international recognition as being the largest philanthropy intended tiny house events on record, such as their 60,000+ attendee 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival and 116 tiny structure 2017 Florida Tiny House Festival, which have raised MANY THOUSANDS of dollars for over 50 charities and worthwhile causes.

Joe Callantine

CEO of Life Size: Tiny Communities, LLC, as well as Bonsai Village, LLC

(a future Colorado Springs- based Tiny Home Community). 

Joe is an electrician by trade, and the owner of a tiny home (her name is Meraki, which is Greek for “to put a little of yourself in what you do.”), and the founder of Life Size: Tiny Communities. He built his tiny home as a means to combat the rising cost of housing in his local market in Denver, CO. Through the construction and research of tiny homes in general, he found that cities and counties do not recognize tiny homes as full-time permanent living structures.  Like all entrepreneurs, he identified a gap in a market and set out to solve an issue that was sorely needed… the creation of Tiny Home Communities.


Tina Francone

Chairman at United Tiny House Association, and Georgia Tiny House Festival

Tina is an ex Jefferson County Commissioner  Tina has served as Director of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) managing annual budgets more than a half a billion dollars. In addition, she has served on the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), the Chatfield Watershed District, and appointed to the Colorado Judicial Performance Commission for Judicial District 1.  She is a Board Member to the Westminster Chamber of Commerce, where she currently serves as Treasurer.  She is also a member of the Colorado Electromagnetic Pulse Task Force on National and Homeland Security and recently was selected to participate in the Urban Land Institute’s Pathways to Inclusion program.  After several decades of assisting clients and/or constituents, Tina Francone and Cynthia Beyer have pooled their talents to create a one stop government relations, community affairs and lobbying firm – Straightforward Communication. Both principals are experienced professionals, and their individual strengths combine to create a synergy of local, state and federal government expertise, contacts, campaign experience and legal knowledge. Areas of focus: transportation, infrastructure, EMP, sand and gravel, tiny homes, parking collections, water law, local government, community outreach.

Tracy and Austin Baker

Owners of Tiny Building Experts

Co-Founder Tracy manages business, sales and process improvement for TBE and provides leadership, coaching and consulting for a number of Tiny House Industry Companies across the United States. Tracy manages the sales department and consulting for Trailer Made Custom Trailers, LLC since December of 2018, increasing revenue and production successfully while helping them through a move to the Western Slopes of CO and closing multiple new B2B sales partnerships for the organization.  Co-Founder Austin is known as the ”Code Guy” for his expertise in tiny home codes, with a special focus on all life and safety standards, for the protection of the client and longevity of the tiny home.  Austin was the lead Production Manager for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company for over 3 years and is a master builder and manufacturing professional with experience in framing, flooring, sheathing, roofing, siding and exterior finishing; experienced with multiple types of materials such as metal and asphalt roofing, cedar (lap and board-and-batten), smart siding, window and door installation.

Jenifer Levini, Esq

Principal of Levini Law and President & CEO of Wishomes

Jennifer is a housing, real estate, land use, and business attorney located in California and author of the book “Building, Occupying & Selling Tiny Homes Legally”  She became involved with tiny homes in 2014 when she began researching building a tiny home village near Santa Cruz, CA. Her frustration with the process led to writing a book to educate tiny home enthusiasts to join together to understand and eventually change the laws. She is also an advocate for tiny home builders, trying to level the playing field and rout out the bad players in the industry. After her book became a best-seller on Amazon, she toured through tiny home festivals, real estate investor-networking events and Stanford University’s start-up community, teaching people about tiny home laws and building standards. 

Buy the book https://buildingtinyhomeslegally.com/   Jenifer earned her law degree from University of California, Hasting’s College of the Law in San Francisco, and Bachelor’s degree with honors from University of California, Santa Cruz. She is the mother of two.

Jay Shafer

Jay Shafer spearheaded a movement that has changed the way America views housing. In his Small House Book, his workshops and thru mass media, Shafer explains how superior design and social justice can be achieved with smaller houses. He has spent more than two decades living in self-built homes of less than one hundred square feet.